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New to #!++

  • SLiM has been replaced by the light, and more standards-compliant LXDM.
  • Updated GTK+ 3.22 theme, and rebased CBPP icon theme on the latest Faenza set.
  • Opera has been dropped from the browser list, due to broken dependencies.
  • All new .iso's have a live boot option!
  • No more netinstall discs, installation can be performed regardless of network connection.

New to debian 9

  • Linux 4.9
  • GTK+ 3.22


Will you still be supporting #!++ jessie?

Debian continues to issue security updates for ~1 year after a new 'stable' is release. While the last CBPP release won't be getting any new updates from us, the repos will continue to be available for up to the next year as well.

Is the installer still a netinstall .iso?

Nope! All future builds will be based on 'live-build', which will provide a live image, as well as an installer on-disc.

What are the login credentials for the live image?

The username and password are both 'live' without the quotes.