#!++ with debian 9

The classic minimal crunchbang feel, now with debian 9 stretch.


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New to #!++

New to debian 9


Will you still be supporting #!++ jessie?

Debian continues to issue security updates for ~1 year after a new 'stable' is release. While the last CBPP release won't be getting any new updates from us, the repos will continue to be available for up to the next year as well.

Is the installer still a netinstall .iso?

Nope! All future builds will be based on 'live-build', which will provide a live image, as well as an installer on-disc.

What are the login credentials for the live image?

The username and password are both 'live' without the quotes.


While older versions will remain available, we suggest the latest 64-bit version.

v9 Download 64bit Download 32bit(686)
v8 Deprecated Download 64bit Download 32bit(686)

MD5 Sums

OS 64bit 32bit
v9 - Stretch 470c802b688a5a8510c1caf537c90ede d2a7cf74c27845ea5c3593214ec65eaa
v8 - Jessie 6d5897245803ef8813674affd499a381 fc7c026553ea15f7a9d5a53a90e47558