#!++ with debian 11

The classic minimal crunchbang feel, now with debian 11 bullseye.


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New to #!++

New to debian 11


Apt is reporting an expired key signature "The following signatures were invalid: EXPKEYSIG E93A89B6F328DC72"

CBPP 11 had a key to sign packages which had an expiration set for 2 years from creation. Unfortunately, this means it expired before the new version came out. You can update the key with the following command: curl -L https://packages.crunchbangplusplus.org/cbpp11-2.key | sudo apt-key add -

Where are the direct downloads?

All of the older images will be provided as direct downloads. New images will be published as direct downloads once the torrents reach a self-sufficient point.

Will you still be supporting #!++ older releases?

Debian continues to issue security updates for ~1 year after a new 'stable' is release. While the older CBPP releases won't be getting any new updates from us, the repos will continue to be available for up to the next year as well.

Is the installer still a netinstall .iso?

Nope! All future builds will be based on 'live-build', which will provide a live image, as well as an installer on-disc.

What are the login credentials for the live image?

The username and password are both 'live' without the quotes.

Should I use the i686 image, or amd64?

These days, there's not much reason to use the i686 image, unless you have a very old PC that doesn't support PAE.


While older versions will remain available, we suggest the latest 64-bit version.

MD5 Sums

OS 64bit 32bit
v11.2 - Bullseye 4559787c1473f04bc3aec8023be49b15 afb5f596f53d26a76fec8c121ebcedf7
v10 - Buster 0fdea701b5709a4f3c79f60da3c1b0f7 c59549231f0fc0e85bc4f6ba111f5e01
v9 - Stretch 470c802b688a5a8510c1caf537c90ede d2a7cf74c27845ea5c3593214ec65eaa
v8 - Jessie 6d5897245803ef8813674affd499a381 89ea83aa77f47c679c6fa9ea23cb3d83