#!++ with debian 12

The classic minimal crunchbang feel, now with debian 12 bookworm.

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New to #!++ 12

After 8 years of #!++, you know what to expect. Still small, still fast, but now with newer packages!

Debian 12 base
Read more about Debian 12's major changes here.
Linux 6.1
2023's LTS release of the Linux kernel.
GTK 4.0 Support
Support for the latest and greatest Gnome desktop apps.
New Dark Theme!
You asked, crunch has delivered! A new dark mode GTK theme has been added, with a supporting Openbox Dark theme.


Frequently asked questions

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What are the login credentials for the live image?
The username and password are both 'live' without the quotes.
Should I use the i686 image, or amd64?
These days, there's not much reason to use the i686 image, unless you have a very old PC that doesn't support PAE.
Will you still be supporting #!++ older releases?
Debian continues to issue security updates for ~1 year after a new 'stable' is release. While the older CBPP releases won't be getting any new updates from us, the repos will continue to be available for up to the next year as well.
Where are the direct downloads?
All images are still available via Github Releases on the image source Github repo
Apt is reporting an expired key signature
CBPP 11 had a key to sign packages which had an expiration set for 2 years from creation. Unfortunately, this means it expired before the new version came out. You can update the key with the following command:
curl -L https://packages.crunchbangplusplus.org/cbpp11-2.key | sudo apt-key add -


9.8/10 average rating on distrowatch.

“I've used #!++ as my daily driver for coding for about a year now. It has never failed me as far as stability, and its small footprint makes it an absolute breeze to use on older hardware. The community is super-friendly, and is always welcome to discussions or questions...”

“Stable and FAST with a great and friendly community. #!++ is Just perfect for my underpowered computer, I'd even use it on a high spec computer, that's how good #!++ is. This distribution stopped my chronic distro hopping journey...”